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Jun 18, 2000 09:17 AM

Sweet & Tart

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Each time at Sweet & Tart (Flushing branch of this Hong Kong style eatery) we try new dishes. One was a great surprise: steamed black chicken. Tucked inside an ample lotus leaf are hacked pieces of this fragrant bird, slices of Chinese sausage, and three varieties of mushroom, including shitake, in a very light sauce. It was a marvel. We wondered about the origins of this cooking style and so many of the other dishes. The hostess was forthcoming and mentioned that although the chef and creator of Sweet & Tart is from Hong Kong, the menu he created is entirely original, based on available produce and a desire for a healthier cuisine. This is significant, as our friends at the table had lived in mainland China for a period and had never encountered such combinations and personalized use of ingredients.

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    Susan O'Grady

    Do you have an address? I had it and lost it....
    thanks, SO

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      It is at 136-11 38th Avenue, close to the Main Street #7 train stop and LIRR Flushing Main Street station. All of this info from Jim Leff's book!

    2. I also went to the flushing branch and the 20 mott st branch. I have to say i definatly think that hte flushing branch is much better. Heres what i ordered, a congee soup, a noodle and beef soup, sautaed pork chops, shrimp and vegetable dumplings, and rice with frog. What i had to drink i think was the coolest most creative and good tasting drink ever. IT was called a titanic. What it is, is a glass filled with cream soda, there was also all differant kinds of chooped of friuts put in it. They gave us very large straws so you can suck up the fruit. I thoguth everything was very good. They gave us tea instead of water in tea begining.