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Jun 9, 2000 03:08 PM

marshall's smoke fish outlet

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I keep passing this place on the BQE. Its on the east side a little south of the Kosciuskco bridge. (I believe that's the edge of Williamsburg there, not sure - Brooklyn experts will correct me, I'm sure.)

I've stopped several times, and the stupid place is always closed (weekends, monday holidays... etc. I don't get out that way much during the week) - but the specials signed up on the door always look good.

Is this place worth a trip? Is it just Whitefish, or do they have sturgeon, sable, or other yummies... Are the prices as good as the ones posted on the gate?

Inquiring chowhounds want to know.

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  1. Excellent, and very good prices.

    But chowhound Allan Evans says he knows a better place in College Point. I, shockingly, have not yet checked it out. Allan, if you're reading along, can you fill us in?


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      It's actually in Middle Village, one of the remotest regions of Queens: Rego Smoke House (in the phone book - too early and am too drowsy to get it but it's only accessible by car). The sturgeon can overwhelm by its gentleness and remarkable flavor.

      1. re: Allan Evans
        andrew reibman

        In Yahoo yellow pages I get

        Rego Smoked Fish Co 6980 75th St Flushing, NY (718) 894-1400

        If this is the place, its not that far off our beaten path...

        1. re: andrew reibman

          It is not in Flushing but Middle Village, which is behind Maspeth and ends at the Greenwood cemetary. Public transportation will be a rough haul but worth it. Nearby (within a mile) is Niederstein's German restaurant.

          1. re: Allan Evans

            Rego is definitely worth a visit - it reminds me of the small smoked fish operations in seaside villages in the UK. But I would highly recommend you do it by car. It is in a really remote and industrial area. And when you get there, watch carefully, it is only marked by a fairly small tin sign.

            As far as the German restaurants in the area, I personnally would head for Zum Stammtisch instead of Neidersteins. Although according to my parents, Neidersteins has a pretty good lunch deal.

            1. re: wayne

              Regarding Neidersteins for lunch, you have to sit at the bar and they only serve lunch Monday thru Saturday.
              For $5.50 you get a hot open Roast Beef sandwich that will blow you away. Wash that down with Spaten or Dinkelaker for $2.50 and that will do it. If you want real German food, then go to Zum's.

    2. Shopped here for years when I practiced in Greenpoint. Everything you wantin smoked fish. Good prices. Well worth taking the time to stop there. Live in Arizona now and can only dream about this place.