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Jun 8, 2000 12:00 PM

Napkins and Spoons at the Lemon Ice King

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I knew something was up when I was handed a paper napkin and plastic spoon to go with my $1.50 peanut butter ice a few weeks ago. I was actually a bit embarrassed because I had repeatedly forewarned all of the newcomers in my group to bring their own "supplies." and as we exited the school building on the way over even nipped a pack of napkins from the pupil personnel secretary. Everyone thought I was nuts. Turns out, I was told, the place is under new management. However the king himself, Peter Benfaremo, was still there slumped over in his white plastic chair and the ices, especially the peanut butter, are better than ever.... Next maybe we'll even be allowed to mix flavors :)

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  1. Ya'know, I did notice that my pineapple ice last weekend had a WAYYYYYY better texture than usual...tasted the same, but seemed....smoother? creamier? Not sure of the right term...BUT BETTER.

    What's the full deal on this new management thing?

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    1. re: wayne

      I do not have confirmation on this, but there's a rumor that Pete Benfaremo's son is the new manager.

      1. re: citykid

        Benfaremo apparently sold all or part interest to someone since he is getting old and had nobody in family to take over. He is still at the store, usually seated at his stool, but there is a guy with a mustache that is the new partner who appears to be running things. When you ask they'll tell you something like he is "the new Manager" or "we all work together". This was based on very reliable info from a neighboring business. The new owner's/partner's pic was in a Daily News article several wks. ago. I'll see if I can find date.

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          Benfaremo has no son or has no son that wants to go into the business at least. That is why he has a co-owner/manager. If they're offering spoons and napkins then I fear Benfaremo is just a figurehead.

        2. re: wayne

          Got caught in a rainstorm under their awning yesterday. Cantaloupe ices were, however, superb. One of the best ices/ice creams/sorbets out there, period.

        3. Several months ago there was a picture of the Lemon Ice King in the Daily News with a picture of someone other than Pete in it. A couple of weeks later when we went there and asked the tough questions they were very evasive-said he was the "manager." Across the street at Baldi's, home of the best cannolis in Queens, they said Pete brought in a partner because there was nobody in his family to keep business going. I can't believe this-I started going there when they were located in garage next door in the 60s. At that time Pete was working counter and his mother(?) was sleeping on chair.

          1. I went there on Mon. 7/3 and there were NO SPOONS OR NAPKINS. I had heard from other sources that they were doing this and have posted several times about the sale or at least partial sale but i repeat, ON FRI. 7/3 THERE WERE NO SPOONS OR NAPKINS.

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            1. re: BUCKEYE
              David Jacobson

              There were napkins on Sunday 7/2, don't know about spoons

              1. re: David Jacobson

                Several people have told me about napokins and spoons but there weren't any there on Mon. 7/3.
                However, I didn't see the new partner there(guy with a mustache). Maybe if he is not there they don't offer napkins and spoons.
                Maybe it's Pete's last stand!!!!