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Jun 4, 2000 02:32 AM

lundys/sheepshead bay

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is it worth going to?? I was hugely disappointed3 years agoMark GrossmanKingly@GTE.Net

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    1. re: IVAN STOLER
      David Edelstein

      The dinner rolls are tasty.
      The waiters have gotten friendlier.
      The place has a warm, bustling feel.
      True, on my last visit they loused up STEAMERS, but you can't have everything.

      1. re: David Edelstein


        I think you're the first chowhound to post in verse (was that ichowbic pentameter?)!

        1. re: Jim Leff
          David Edelstein

          Hmmm. The meter was unconscious. Let me refine it:

          The dinner rolls are tasty
          The service far less hasty
          The place is warm and bustling
          My steamers were disgustling!

          Fellow Chowhounds are invited to improve on the above, which shouldn't be too difficult.


          1. re: David Edelstein

            maybe buy some dog food, stay home and eat it and you'll be way better off then going to lundy's!

            1. re: neil

              weirdly intrigued by the generally bummer opinions, I made my whole family go to lundy's yesterday to celebrate my oldest son's high school graduation.

              My feeling is, stick to plain things, especially raw stuff, and you can eat fairly well. I had half a dozen kumamotos, which were tiny but delicious (twice the price of the regular oysters, which they were out of), and a dozen topnecks which were just what they should have been, fresh, cold and salty. I didn't try my daughter's jumbo shrimp which were extremely fried, but the fried soft-shell crab sandwich really wasn't bad, in breadcrumby, not heavy batter. stay away from the coleslaw. the waiter was positively obsequious after we explained that we still needed the place setting he tried to take away while i was making a phone call. the tiny biscuits are very moreish, and I found them even better spread with the horseradish that sits around in pots on all the tables. french fries not very crisp but skin left on and definitely cut by hand. the kids loved the bottomless drinks--pay for one shirley temple or birch beer and they keep on refilling it.

              1. re: tamara

                Came across ChowHound by mistake and was interested in the Lundys Postings... I remember in the 50's going to Lundys with my folks... Brought back memories for this ex-New Yorker.... Back in those days I wasn't interested in Sea Food but now wish I could go back in time..... Thanks for the memories....

                1. re: Pat
                  mark grossman

                  I too grew up with the old Lundys and grew up withineasy walking distance of it. The new Lundys simplycannot remain faithful to the old for whatever reason:economics. apathy. ignorance. They did a great jobin terms of the decor and ambience, presenting abright updated environment that still has the vibesof the old Lundys. But ya cant eat vibes!! A wonderfulbook about Lundys was published 2 or 3 years ago:"Lundy's: Reminiscences and Recipes from Brooklyn'sLegendary Restaurant" by Robert Cornfield withKathy Gunst. Harper Collins Publisher. Mimi Sheratonwrites of the original Lundys in a small white houseon the water in the 1930's: "From My Mother'sKitchen." But again, ya cant eat books!! When I wasat Lundys 3 years ago, they had salmon on the menu,which appalled me: a betrayal of the Lundys spirit.I think the best answer: the Grand Central Oyster Barin Manhattan or Legal Seafoods in Boston.

                  1. re: mark grossman

                    GO to the sushi/habachi place next door instead - Yamamoto? Motoyama? Yomama? (only kidding?!)

                    It was good last I ate sushi there. Owned by the same folks who own the Bonsai in Hokkaido restaurants, one of which is down at the other end of Emmons Ave. - go figure. All of their restaurants that I have tried are good except the one in Bay Ridge (yuk)...and I haven't tried the one in Nassau Co. "on the Island" The one in Queens on Queens Blvd. near 63rd Drive in Rego Park is the best IMHO.

                    1. re: Jill
                      mark grossman

                      go to nearby Randazzos clam bar. Far morebang for the buck.

                      1. re: mark grossman

                        I used to eat at Randazzos in the 60's and 70's (also at Lundy's in the 50's and 60's). They introduced me to fried calamari. I kept a pack of their matches on my desk at work so I could fantasize about their food when there was down time. Their medium sauce was the best I've ever eaten and I still fondly remember the sea toast. We used to have a waitress called Bubbles who was fun and I think back fondly of the great nights out spent there. I think the check for four was $25.