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Jun 2, 2000 02:31 PM

restaurant service charge

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i had lunch at my favorite restaurant today and there was an 18% sevice charge added to the bill

is a service charge in place of or in addition to a TIP

i asked the waitress but she was new and didn't have a clue

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    Erica Marcus

    It's definitely in lieu of a tip. What restaurant was this? How may were in your party? I've only heard of this being done with parties of six or more.

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    1. re: Erica Marcus

      It's not about Outer Boroughs, as far as I can tell...

    2. So it was the waitress who had no clue, eh? That's funny. Why would you even consider paying a tip (for service) on top of a service charge? Or did you happen to order the "service" a la carte?

      Actually, you sound as if you might have some extra money to invest. Can I interest you in some real estate in Brooklyn/Manhattan? There's this certain bridge, see?