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May 30, 2000 09:15 PM

Lunchtime eats in Downtown Brooklyn

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A friend has just gotten a job at Livingston St. and Boerum Pl. in Downtown Brooklyn, and is desperate for lunchtime recommendations in that sea of fast food joints.

He knows about a supposedly great falafel stand, and there's also the Yemenite Cafe on Atlantic Ave... he's willing to travel down Atlantic or wander some distance in either direction in search of tantalizing lunch.... please recommend! We've been unable to find anything on the site.

thanks in advance for your help.

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    Michael Dolan


    I'm a big fan of the Boerum Hill Food Company. It's on Smith between Bergen and Dean, about two blocks past Atlantic. They have nice sandwiches, salads, crepes, etc. If you get a dessert, it may run you between $10-$12. They'll email your friend the specials of the day, and I'm sure they'd probably deliver to the office as well.


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      Go to Montaque Street, they have many places to eat. Lassen & Hennings, Monty Q's Pizza, Grand Canyon, Sushi, and many more.

    2. If your friend has the time, I'd recommend Caravan on Atlantic between Court & Clinton. They serve mohammarah (sp?), a roasted peppper/almond dip, that is out-of-this-world good, and their za'alouk (a variant of babaghanouj) is not far behind it. However, they can be s-l-o-w. And perhaps this is too far, but Marquet Patisserie on Smith St. just started serving salads (Nicoise, mesclun w/ goat cheese, etc.) and nice sandwiches.

      1. Might the falafel stand be Famous Brisket House, on Court St. near State St.? It has been much discussed on this board, and it is good. They put lots of goodies in the sandwiches. My Little Pizzeria is on the same block, and the slices are pretty good (I like the one with fresh mozz. and basil). There's a place called, I think, Cafe Latino, on Smith St. between Pacific and Atlantic, that looks like it may be good. Your friend might also want to walk over to Atlantic between Court and Clinton streets and get some lunch from the prepared foods counters at Sahadi's or Hanshali International Foods or Damascus bakery; Fountain Cafe, on that block, has excellent baba ganoush. There's also an outpost of Victory Kitchen on State St. and maybe Hoyt St. - very small, with lunchy items and good gingerbread.
        I'll post if I think of other non-Burger King options...

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          David Jacobson

          Waterfront Alehouse, 155 Atlantic between Clinton & Henry, great burgers, barbecue, beer selection.
          Boerum Hill Food Co. on Smith between Bergen & Dean
          Victory Kitchen on Smith near Dean, Queen on Court Street near Livingston for upscale Italian

          1. Amid the fast food of the Fulton Mall area there's some good West Indian chow to be had. I like Down de Islands, on Bridge St. between Willoughby and Fulton. (it's up a short flight of stairs). Good jerk chicken and the like, and some nice fiery house hot sauce in a squeeze bottle by the cash register. Plus, the $4 "mini-lunch" is a bargain. There are a couple other Caribbean places within a block or two of here that'd be worth a try -- also, Brawta on Atlantic Avenue (at the corner of Bond?) isn't too far away.

            On Remsen between Court and Clinton, midway down the block on the north side, is a cajun lunch place that's pretty popular. It's not great or anything, but it's worth a visit. Particularly if you're hungry -- the portions are big.

            Someone else mentioned a Latino spot on Smith near Pacific -- it's a good spot for rice and beans, roast pork, etc. And, once again, the $4 lunch is a bargain.