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May 26, 2000 01:48 PM

Cobble Hill Cheese Lament

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We're inundated with new restaurants but, as far as I know, we haven't got a proper cheese shop. I know Carol Gardens has a number of fine latticini for fresh mozzarella and ricotta, Sahadi has a decent selection of pre-wrapped cheeses, and Staubitz does pretty well for a butcher shop. But what I crave is a place where you can go in and really have A DIALOGUE about cheeses from all over the world, a place to learn and to grow. Like Murrays, for instance. Or, dare I say it, the cheese counter at Dean and DeLuca.

Please someone let me know if I'm overlooking someplace, and if you're reading this and you're looking to open a business on Smith Street, think Cheese.

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  1. potential cheesemonger,forget about Smith Street, think PARK SLOPE (we have been unable to keep a cheese shop too) - Lassig and Hennigs on Montague used to have decent cut-to-order cheeses - I dont know if they still do though.

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      Michael Dolan

      Help may be on the way. On the corner of Court and Pacific Streets, a gourmet food and cheese shop will soon be opening. Judging by the condition of the storefront, it looks like they may not be opening for another month or so. If anyone else knows more about it, maybe they can add to this post.

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        I've been wondering what that is going to be! I live down the street, and the large heap of picnic baskets has had me very curious. My guess was a wicker factory, but that seemed wrong...Cheese is good.

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          This store has been in the works since last Spring, at least. Anyone know what the deal is? The windows are still covered in paper. Occaisionally, I have seen baskets and large display shelves inside but the place still seems as unfinished as it did 12 months ago.

      2. There is a deli on Clinton Street near the park in Cobble Hill(the sign just says Deli or Delicatessen, I don't know what the real name is) that is run by this French guy who carries some serious cheeses (Epoisse, Vacherin Mont D'Or etc). He really seems to know what he's talking about and is quite passionate about his cheese.

        Not a shop, but Kalio Restaurant on Court has an amazing cheese list. Right now they have an all-American list going with an excellent selection of artisinal cheeses from all over the country. George the owner is a cheese fanatic and can help with selections and tell you all about the cheeses and the people who produced them.

        1. It ain't Murray's, but check out Verandah Deli on Clinton (and Verandah Place).