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May 22, 2000 06:06 PM

Sheepshead Bay

  • j

For those who have given up on Sheepshead Bay, Lundy's, etc. here's a new find: Liman - Emmons Ave. and 27 St. Turkish - specializes in charcoal griled whole fish - and they know how to do it and quite reasonable - had the striped bass - whole $15.50. Done just right. Appetizers all looked good - we had the eggplant spread - very good. One problem: they cater to lots of Turks and other folks from other places who are accustomed to smoking while they dine. Spoke to the owner about this - he said just sit in the back room next time - he calls that no smoking. But where we were sitting it also had no smoking signs - utterly ignored. But the food is great.

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