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May 21, 2000 11:49 PM

Famous Brisket House

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I've looked for Famous Brisket House (the much discussed place on Court Street In Carroll Gardens that does Jewish Deli Sandwiches and falafal, and that may or may not be related to the sublime David's Brisket House on Nostrand Avenue) by foot, by chowmobile, and in various phone books and 'net directories. Can't find it.

I'm starting to suspect that this place is a hoax.....


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  1. Its not (or was not) in Carroll Gardens - more like Brooklyn Hts - as of last fall I spotted it located on Court between Atlantic Ave and Borough Hall - on the west side of Court.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Yes, it's on Court Street on the block just north of Atlantic. I was there a few months ago and had a very nice brisket sandwich lovingly prepared by a young man who had served me a few months earlier at the Yemenite place on Atlantic. I'm not a brisket maven, but I thoroughly enjoyed my sandwich. Everything else--the Middle Eastern offerings--looked good. Thanks for reminding me I need to go back.

      1. re: Erica Marcus

        OK, here I am responding to my own response. I stopped by Famous Briskey House for lunch today and had a terrific chicken kebab or shawarma sandwich, or whatever you call that revolving column of meat. The counterman did a beautiful job: he snipped off a tangent of pita bread, then stuffed that inside the pita. Then hot sauce and tahini, then chicken, then onions, lettuce, tomatoes and than he topped it off with more hot sauce and tahini.

        There was a nice looking salad bar with what looked like Egyptian food.

        1. re: Erica Marcus


          It's still definitely there on Court between Atlantic and State across the street from the municipal parking lot.

          Although I don't eat there as often as I did awhile ago, the food still looks very fresh and as someone else pointed out they added a salad bar with very intersting looking dishes.

          It's definitely worth a try!

          1. re: Steve

            Hey, what's goin' on with the Brisket House on Court Street? It has been closed for over a month. At first I thought that they were expanding into the space left by the closed fried fish place next door, but I haven't seen work being done on the premises...what's going on?! I'm remaining calm...

            And what about the new place set to open on the corner where Oriol was (across the side street from the theatre/B&N)? It will be called "Grappa" and the rumor is that one of the owners is the guy that owns the One-Stop Deli (further down on Court)...any rumors on the food?

    2. Between Atlantic Ave. and State St. on Court St. Really tasty brisket, great falafel, yummy baba ganoush...and now they took over the fried fish business next door and are serving fried fish - had a taste last time I was there - mmmmm...

      Ask for tastes of everything - they are very accomodating that way!