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Arthur Ave. Eats

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  • John Knoesel May 21, 2000 11:51 AM
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Need some advice. I've never been to this part of the Bronx and would like to check out the area.
Looking for Italian with an emphasis on seafood.
Any suggestions ?

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  1. howdy JK. go to roberto's. 186 th st. and belmont I believe. they'll have everything. try and do lunch, dinner time place is packed, no reservations. are you gonna spend some time in the hood shopping?? if so, let me know, I kinda "live" there, lots of friends/shop owners etc. thx

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    1. re: stephen kaye
      Jim Lumley - Middletown, NY

      I'm a little late getting in on this discussion therefore my apologies to all!

      I love Emilio's shrimp w/light pesto sauce. You can find this delightful restaurant directly across "da' Ave." from the Arthur Ave. entrance to the market. Family owned and family supervised, never had a bad meal there or, for a matter of fact, anywhere in that wonderful "old world" section of town.

    2. s
      Susan O'Grady

      Hi, John!
      Let us know how your outing goes. I made my first visit to Arthur Ave about 6 mos. ago. We had great time at Dominick's (it was early on Sunday, and the wait wasn't bad, and I LIKED the food), but I've heard better things about Roberto's. Would like to go back.