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May 19, 2000 10:54 AM

Authentic Japanese in Brooklyn?

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Is there anywhere in Brooklyn to eat reasonably authentic Japanese food and/or sushi in Brooklyn?

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  1. I've been there only once, but Geido, at 331 Flatbush Avenue (couple of blocks south of Grand Army Plaza) is the only sushi I've had in Brooklyn that approaches the quality of a good neighborhood place in Manhattan such as Tatany. It's a rather cliquish place, but the owner/chef is talented and committed to doing things the right way. Any Park Slope folks out there who are regular customers?

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    1. re: Erica Marcus

      I go to Geido fairly often and will second Erica's praise. It is very solid. Service is friendly but slow. Many patrons (especially at the bar) are regulars, and the constant - and entertaining- banter between them and Sam (the boss) can slow things down. There are now more guys working behind the bar which is good. The crowd is interesting. Good people watching as well as eating. The atmosphere is considerably more Bohemian than Manhattan sushi places.

      1. re: Zephyr

        I second that. I've found, over the years, that any Brooklynite who appreciates sushi eventually finds their way here.

      2. re: Erica Marcus

        Geido is probably the best Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn, and while their sea urchins doesn't make me sigh like the ones at my favorite Manhattan sushi joints, they do serve grilled yellowtail collar. I like the whole yellowtail head (cheeks, eyes and all), plus the neck, but I'm so impressed they at least have it! Also, they had a good, sweet, cabbage soup special a few weeks ago. So homey and much more interesting than the usual miso.