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May 15, 2000 03:11 PM

Bagels in Queens

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I was reading an older thread (1/99) about bagels in Queens. As one would expect, many people expressed their opinions about this place or that place's being the best.

I happened to be in Queens yesterday (5/14) and stopped by the Bagel Oasis in Fresh Meadows. As fate would have it, FM is where I spent the first five or so years of my life, although that has nothing to do with why I was there.

It is somewhat irrelevant to me whether the Bagel Oasis bagel is the best, just adequate, or even not up to snuff by NYC standards - it's still better than anything I know of here in the Boston area. I brought back several dozen with me!

The Boston area, where I've lived for almost 28 years now, is a terrific place. I get just the best seafood here, but it is a true wasteland for bagels. Also, I will NEVER be a Red Sox fan!


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  1. Is Bagel Oasis the place on 73rd Ave. just west of Bell Blvd? If so, I like it a lot too. Also worthy of mention is Buddy's Kosher Deli on 73rd Ave. and 251st St., for their good sandwiches.

    If Bagel Oasis is different from the shop I am thinking of, please let me know where it is -- I get out to Fresh Meadows every couple of weeks and I always enjoy a good bagel.

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      Bagel Oasis is on Horace Harding Expressway, the service road of the Long Island Expressway and is located on the side of the LIE heading east (a couple of blocks from the Cineplex Odeon movie theater.)
      Being a native of Flushing, just a few minues away, I have always enjoyed Bagel Oasis, especially as a kid when I would spend whole afternoons sneaking into the nearby movie theater. But one bagel shop that I have not seen mentioned on this board is simply "Hot Bagels," in a mini-strip at the corner of Northern and Parsons Boulevards in Flushing. I worked here as a teenager and it was much better back then. It has since changed hands a couple of times but remains one of the best places around.

      1. re: Michael W.

        I've never been to Oasis Bagels (yet!). I usually just pass right by it on my way to nearby SLIM'S BAGELS, also on the eastbound side of Horace Harding (the LIE service road) at Springfield Blvd in Bayside(?). It's a huge bagel wholesaler with a luncheonette and a 24 hour bakery & deli. As a wholesaler, the bagels are always fresh at any time. It's a definite stop for anyone driving home from the city on the LIE during the wee hours.

        About Hot Bagels on Northern, despite its size and location, I was surprised to find that they do make pretty good bagels. But if you're in that area, I'd also recommend Whitestone Bagels at 149th Street & Willet's Point Blvd. It's another big wholesaler that won't disappoint you.

        1. re: Sean

          Ah! Slim's. Having spent three years at Cardozo High School, I spent many lunches at this really good bagel/coffee shop. And I agree that it is invaluable when you're coming home from a late night out. Although I pass Whitestone Bagels all the time, I have never tried it, but now I'll have to. For some reason, it seems closed a good deal of the time, but I may just be passing by at the wrong times. Thanks for tip.

          1. re: Michael W.
            John N. Knoesel

            Whitestone Bagels just bake theirs - Don't Bother.
            The owners of Sheila's Kitchen on Francis Lewis Blvd. have sold to another young couple who evidently know what a real bagel should be, These are GREAT bagels, flavorful and chewy inside with the perfect crunchy outside. They also give you 18 for the price of a dozen. I was pretty upset when I saw the new ownership, but am glad to report that this is still the best bagel in Queens.

    2. I don't write this lightly when i say it--I truly believe Utopia Bagels on Utopia Parkway in whitestone Queens to be the best bagel I've had thus far in our fair city. Nice crunch on the outside, soft and VERY flavorful on the inside. The quality is very consistent, day in, day out. It is almost impossible to reach by public transportation, but if you have a car, you can take the cross island parkway to Utopia Parkway and after the exit proceed down the service road until you eventually hit Utopia Parkway (the road bends around, you pass two lights, make a left at the 2nd, an immediate right onto utopia at the 3rd). Make a right here and drive about a half mile up the road to the best bagels in NYC.

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      1. re: chris tynan

        Chris, I'm happy to see another Utopia fan on the boards! As I've posted previously, their bialys are especially good (though an old-school diehard might find them too soft and sweet - I like both kinds, myself.) Until I forced myself to start doing low-fat, high-fiber breakfasts, a buttered Utopia bialy was my daily fare (they freeze very well -- butter and all.)

        Their pumpernickel & sesame bagels are also yummy. On the downside, the management has adopted some of the new-fangled, heretical flavorings - that's definitely points off on my scorecard. I guess someone must be buying blueberry bagels out there.

        Worth a detour if you're in the vicinity. (Unless someone can show me their equal in Jackson Heights, I'll be making trips back to the old 'hood to keep my freezer stocked.)