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May 10, 2000 04:48 PM

Sal's Pizza- Bay Ridge- SOLD!!

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One of my fav pizza by the slice spots- SAL'S PIZZA
(86th and 4th Ave- Bay Ridge) is now under new
ownership and now provides a very AVERAGE slice.

This is crazy!
Where has all the good slice pizza gone??

Not sure If anyone visited Sal's but quality and
service was great and worth the trip.


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  1. Oh, man, that STINKS!

    There's no excuse for this, everybody! Several of us have been raving about this place here on the boards. They should have gotten tons of chowhound business.
    Why, oh why, does a good restaurant EVER have to die of neglect when we're all here spreading the word? That's the kind of thing that happened back when all food info was provided by a few narrow news outlets. It's not supposed to happen anymore!!!!!



    1. OMG...Sal is no longer there? i am devestated !!! i loved his pizza...jis squares were the best when we were kids......... ill miss it