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May 10, 2000 02:53 PM

Arthur Avenue italian

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I was up on Arthur Avenue for shopping this past weekend, but was not meal time so did not eat more than a sandwich at a cafe in the market...
However, i was more than intrigued by the possibility of having a REAL meal there...Are there any restaurants (dominick's or the one next door or others) that are worth the trip from manhattan?????

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  1. Do a search for "Robertos" and you will see a bunch of posts about this place, near Arthur Ave. It's great - better than Dominick's, I think.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Emilia's is also pretty reliable, but never ever go to Mario's. It's quite possibly the worst Italian food you'll ever eat.

      1. re: citykid

        I agree about the meals at Mario's, but I must say I have had excellent pizzas there. They only have an appetizer pizza on the menu, but they do serve six-slicers on order. Good crusts, tangy light sauce, not too much cheese....

        But don't order anything else.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

    2. roberto's for sure. but be prepared to wait on weekends, no reservations. casa de mozzarella, for fabulous cheese, carmel wines for great italian wine selection, mike's deli for all kinds of goodies, terranova bakery, madonnia bakery, etc etc. enjoy