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May 7, 2000 11:44 PM

Meson Flamenco on Atlantic

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Anyone have a report on this place, good or bad? I always think about going there, but somehow never do. Is it worth a visit?

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  1. By all means, pay a visit. The food (I've only had tapas) is, indeed, delightful but the thing that actually gave me the super warm and fuzzies about it is the service. Stumbled in late-ish one night, famished and with a group of about half a dozen people and they bothered to re-open the kitchen for us. The staff was incredibly friendly and accomodating and being there made everything good with the world.

    I can't promise you a similar experience, but subsequent visits have proven just as delightful.


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      It is always something to find good service in the neighborhood, as I guess labor is hard to get and so you end up with one or two waiters taking care of a whole room.

      But we haven't been happy with food here. Had a very dry paella one night, and can't remember what else we've tried: but more or less has caused us to cross them off the list.

      However: during the Atlantic street fair, they have the best grilled sardines broiled outside in front of the shop. We start at that end of Atlantic Ave. just to make sure we have room in our stomachs for them. In fact there is often more good food at this end of the Ave during the fair. I've asked why they can't have them on the menue the rest of the year; and I guess it is a question of supply and demand. but they have said that if I called a day or two in advance they would have them. Your good service again. But I rarely plan that far ahead

      1. re: R Bergen

        when is the atlantic street fair? i hope i haven't missed it.

        1. re: cindy

          The "Atlantic Antic" is usually sometime in August, I think.

          1. re: Jessica

            Nope. Pretty sure it's in September. Definitely after Labor Day.

            1. re: Jessica
              David Jacobson

              It's the last weekend in September