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May 5, 2000 01:17 PM


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I am not a regular to these boards but being forever appreciative for the scrapple sources (purchase points, comical thread titles and musical selections!) which I received last september I had to tell y'all bout this! so....i will give up my secret polish place. Up Victory Boulevard - about 3 blocks from bay Street - road splits off and there is Corson Avenue (I think?)and THE POLISH PLACE. That is the name. They are a little ethnic grocery/deli with a kitchen and small seating area. The Polish of Staten Island flock here for their shopping, posting apartment ads, sending packages to Poland - and the food that comes out of the kitchen is old-fashioned polish cooking at its best - great pierogis which are fried or boiled upon order and not beforehand, excellent perfect consistency golumkis, cutlets, mashed potatos, salads,goulash-type stuff, dunpling-type slices of dough with amazing chicken in red sauce, pork slices in awesome gravy,etc., etc. I don't know all the names and they always have new stuff they felt like making that day - I always trust their selections and am happy. Pointing at items behind the cafeteria style glass with a smile will work just fine when the english speaking owners are too busy to translate for the kitchen staff. They also have an excellent napoleon for $1.25 - i believe they make these on tuesdays and Saturdays and they are bought up quickly - the stretchy consistency of the dough is the killer while the cream is good but not as amazing. The owner told me once that he caters a lot of the polish embassy events (for whatever that is worth!) and they are always doing some or another Polish community event. THE BEST PART IS THAT WE NEVER SPEND MORE THAN 12 BUCKS A POP FOR BOTH OF US TO EAT HEARTILY! We live in the neighborhood and this has become our never-fail affordable yummy we-dont-wanna-cook-or-wash-dishes meal. As authentication of my evaluation I offer you this - my husband is a western ukranian immigrant (hours from the polish border - thus he translates the dishes for me so I can;t give you the real names myself) who is so so picky about his childhood comfort food (borsch, xolubtsi (galumki), vareniki (pirogi), cutlets, potatos in every form, etc.). This place, he says, rivals his mothers and mine (yes - true love with a ukrainian chowhound requires learning to make this stuff well!) So - if you are in the neighborhood - please go and I hope you all enjoy the food. oh, and 1) they stop serving at 8:00pm sharp weekdays and I believe close early on Sundays and 2) serve until they run out so the earlier in the afternoon the better your selection and 3) they are IMPECCABLY clean!

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  1. Rebecca, I hope you will become a Regular! That post was a real gem. It brought back many memories of childhood eats at the Polish Catholic Church fair in the little town in western Mass. where I spent many summers.One of my favorites was kapusta (cabbage soup).Thanks for the memories and come back soon. pat

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for the informative post. I live five minute's walking distance from Corson, so I intend to check out your rave. But maybe not this weekend. 88 degrees and pierogies don't make a very appetizing combination.

      1. Rebecca--thanks for the great posting (I just caught it). Glad to hear there's more than great Italian and German (hmmm...all we need is Japanese to make for a true "Axis of Chow") on S.I.

        Anyone who tries it, report back! (I will too)


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          Unfortunately, I learned last week that the bakery which delivered the Napoleons on Tuesdays and Saturdays has closed down - no more Napoleons! I asked which bakery but received no further info. aLSO - jIM - there are also BUREKS (although disappointing ones) on Staten Island. I will repost under SI Burek

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            GOD I love Staten Island. I went back to Lee's Tavern this weekend (way too busy to write up dinner reports this week, all order's breaking down, it's chow chaos here) and was utterly blown away. I ordered other food this time. Great. also, look for a special report on my favorite ice stand (or, to use staten island/brooklyn parlance, "icies" stand) around memorial day. Can't wait for the bourek report. My god, you've got me writing in stream of consciousness. Jane, stop this crazy thing!


        2. Also, I plugged this place into (the almost never-fail national yellow page site that I HIGHLY recommend) and got this info:

          Polish Place
          19 Corson Ave
          Staten Island, NY
          (718) 442-8909

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            marjorie Silberman

            My husband thinks the tripe soup is terrific; as good as Christine's. The smoked trout that is sold there is extremely good.