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May 5, 2000 08:02 AM

HELP in City Island

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The weather is getting nicer and I am interested in going to City Island for lunch ... either weekdays or on weekends .... The places I have tried in the past aren't worth going back to... Are there ANY good places to eat lunch on City Island ???????

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    Does this mean you don't like Johnny's? (I enjoy it because of the seagull-feeding). And i guess you're not into the luncheonette next to the bridge. I've eaten at a few CI places. Crab Shanty was nothing special, but i didn't have crab (or lobster). I had lobster once at a place i can't remember the name of. (Big help, huh?). They have a big lob. tank near the entrance. That was ok. I'm guessing the super-expensive places are good, but i've never gone to them and never will. Wherever you go, don't drink the water. Last i heard, CI had a very high rate of babies born with autism, which was traced to the H2O. Bon appetit!

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      By the way, i love City Island, despite the H2O problem. But, then again, i'm just a sucker for funky, kinda rundown Cape Coddy places. If you really can't stand it, go on a fishing boat! Have you ever been to Crystal Beach, Ontario (near Buffalo)? It's on Lake Erie and a little like the town in the Popeye movie, but i like it, anyway. Back to CI: i still think any place with a $15 or less lobster deal (quick! before they become extinct!) is a good bet. Happy chowhounding!!

    2. My favorite City Island summer haunt is one of the few non-specialty seafood restaurants. The Black Whale, located on the avenue somewhere in the middle, has a great eating garden, very friendly service, good food and you'll probably meet a whole different set of people, mostly City Island day-trippers, antiquers and local artists who realize the weak links of City Island's more famous waterfront seafood houses. I like Johnny's Reef a lot too, more for drinking a beer on the patio than for anything else. I'd stay far away from the soft shell crabs and stick with fried shrimp or cod - something safe.

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        Thanks for the Black Whale tip! Never knew they had a garden or food. I always thought it was a plain old bar. Is Laura's still in business? (I haven't been up there for a while).