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May 1, 2000 05:53 PM

Pio Pio

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Two friends told me about this lovely place. I am pleased to see all of the support for it on the board. Congrats to the owners and operators... Any chance they are going to retail market the sauce? Guesses are welcome.

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  1. They are very protective of their sauce, when you get it to go, they don't like to give you too much, and if you ask for more when you're there, you will often get a suspicious look.

    I have come to be very grateful for what they give, I think they are worried someone will try to have it analyzed to see exactly what is in it....I am a regular customer, so they are finally being a little more generous with it, but I think they can tell I have great reverence for it!

    Lets keep in unbottled!!! Go there and enjoy it, and enjoy the nice and friendly families that eat is a wonderful and warm place......not everything belongs in a bottle....don't you want to know it's made fresh every day...I think it definitely has egg in it of some sort....and so I wouldn't want to see any kind of adapted version of it in a's the freshness of Pio Pio that is so great!

    We should have a chowhound party there for all the queensdogs!!

    Long live plantains!!


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    1. re: Steve

      A hearty "amen" to your comments about Pio Pio and its sauce.

      As for the Queensdogs having a party...EVERY day is a party when you're in Queens!


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Amen to that, Alphadog.

        1. re: Maria
          Joe DiStefano

          Wow...I'm not sure the last time y'all hounds were there, but I left Pio Pio feeling very disappointed. No pisco sours. The chicken was pretty good, but stay away from the seafood salad. It was the frozen, flavorless kind. We complained to the manager, which elicited little or no response. I have to say the Peruvian grub at Inti is far better; I've yet to be disappointed.