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Peters (on Francis Lewis Boulevard) in Flushing is stocking good Italian cheese: they just began to offer a fresh triple-bypass/cream Tomme from Piemonte and less artisanal but excellent grade of Robiola. A few stores north on this big-hair and nail/tanning parlor strip is Vinotheque. Mario, the owner, is Argentinian and of Triestine descent (even with German speaking family in Trento). He has a staggering selection of Argentinian wines and is always experimenting and seeking out wines cited in Gambero Rosso. We found an Aglianico del Vulture from Campagnia, a wonderful Californian blend with a Venetian name (Ca' del Solo) and many rarely seen Chileans. And the not too distant Korean-Italian Strawberry Farms (150th St & Willets Point Blvd.) have a decent olive oil from the Chianti for very little, excellent salt packed Sicilian anchovies and good blood oranges. We are eating in more often now. . .

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