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Apr 2, 2000 03:14 PM

La Portena update

  • j

La Portena steakhouse, 37th Ave. and 75th Street, just expanded; they opened a second dining room on Friday. Ellen and I had dinner there Friday; about 3/4 of the seats were full, and I am happy to say the service and food had not suffered at all from the extra customers. Everything was served piping hot; the empanada was a delight as always; and my short ribs were an almost religious experience. We didn't order the french fries because last time I did, they were greasy and mushy; but we had cause to regret that when our neighbors were served fries that looked perfect. We'll be going back soon!

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  1. Although I try not to be a carnivore, La Portena is making it difficult for me to attain vegetaranism. I am ashamed to admit i am a regular and even know the waiters on a first name basis. All in all...everyone should go on a pigrimage and experience the heaven on the "mixed grill" (it says for one..but unless you haven't eaten in days..its really mixed grill for two)
    And be sure to have dessert! The flan is to die for!!!

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    1. re: meadow

      While I always recommend the mixed grill to newcomers there (and have eaten a LOT of La Portena mixed grills myself), I'm kind of growing out of ordering 'em. Mixed grills are difficult for the kitchen to properly time, and their individual meat cuts are worth concentrating on. I agree with Jeremy about the short ribs; I also like the skirt steak a lot. I sure wish they'd get their fried potato consistency together there, but that's a pandemic problem in Queens for some reason.

      Hey, where CAN you order vegetable-heavy stuff in this area? I'm getting ready to throw up my hands in resignation and start........COOKING!


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      david sprague

      the super-sized la portena came as quite a relief, since friends often come out here to jackson heights with bovine cravings on weekends...only to wait (and wait) for tables to free up.

      but while the beef is most assuredly the calling card, find room for a pre-steak salad. with shrimp, avocado, hearts of palm and such, it's a treat in its own right.


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        Also the pasta is quite good. I've gone there a couple of times when I didn't want a big cut of meat, and found solace in the linguine with puttanesca and the the marvelous caneloni.

        How are their pork chops? I have wanted to get those a couple of times but opted for beef instead.