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Mar 26, 2000 09:28 AM

Leno's Clam Bar - still there?

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OK this might not qualify, because it's just past the Bronx/New Rochelle border, but.....

There used to be a place on Shore Road, called Leno's Clam Bar, which we all referred to as Greasy Nicks.
Hamburgers, cheese dogs, fries, corn on the cob drowned in butter, and steamer clams served in buckets. As I remember, they were only open during the summer months. Anybody know if they are still open? Is it any good anymore?

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  1. It's definitely still there and I know it was open last summer. Can't say how it is because it's been awhile but I doubt it's changed much.


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      Leno's Clam Bar is still indeed there. The place is a goldmine! It's not going anywhere soon..
      Also known as "Greasy Nicks". The best greasy food anywhere. Get your raw clams, steamers and greasy cheeseburgers w/ a generic brand soda or cold piss beer. The best place in the summer to eat great tasting junk food to hit the spot!!! Have fun!!

    2. I went there today, 5/3/03----it is still great after all thes years--cheeseburgers are the best!!! The place hasn't much at all.

      Soda and Piel's Draft is still available inside

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        what is the addresS?! perfect craving right now!

        1. re: ironchef1125

          Leno's is on Shore Road about 1/2 mile into Westchester Co. just inside New Rochelle. Shore Rd. is a continuation of the main road through Pelham Bay Park.

        2. re: Norm

          Does anyone know when the place closes for the season? It would totally suck if I made the hour and a half drive there only to find it closed.