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Mar 23, 2000 12:47 PM

Good Mexican in Jackson Heights

  • j

Roosevelt Avenue in the 80s and 90s has a huge number of taquerias. Any particular recommendations?

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  1. Try Tacos Mexico at 88-12 Roosevelt Ave. between 88 and 89th sts. They are good and have 15 varieties of Tacos.

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    1. re: Jayask

      I ate at Tacos Mexico and didn't think so much of it. The tortillas were dry and cardboardy -- it seemed uninspiring, about on a par with Tacos Veloz of Elmhurst and Corona. On the other hand, I tried Tacolandia (Roosevelt and 76th) again the other day after a long absence and was surprised to find the tortillas much better than I had remembered, almost palatable. The filling was still nothing to write home about, though.

      1. re: Jeremy Osner

        I had great vegetable-shrimp tacos at Viva Zapata on Roosevelt. Cooked with zucchini and garnished with sour cream. Asked for horchata, but they were out of it :-(

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          Great! Viva Zapata is the kind of place that I wonder about every time I walk by there, but I have not gone in yet. Any other recommendations?

    2. A visit back this evening confirmed an earlier impression: on Roosevelt in the 70s and 80s, the only choice for tacos is La Poblanita, on the corner of 78th. The tortillas were wonderfully tender and flavorful; the carnitas was a bit dry but the tongue was impeccable. Not quite up to the standard set by La Espiga; but I would go to La Poblanita over any other Mexican restaurant within an easy walk of my home.

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        david sprague

        la poblanita (79th and roosevelt) is my favorite taqueria in the 'hood, in large part because they serve the chorizo--my choice, as a rule--in big, charred chunks, rather than as spiced ground pork. they also do a better than average seafood dish, which many of the local mexicans do not (central american joints, however, are fine...peruvian, especially inti raymi, superior).

        others worth noting: viva zapata, just south of 82nd is swell, as are the columbian hot dogs at the juice stand on 80th: if you've never sampled the aforementioned treats, picture a standard issue dog, daubed with mustard and raw onion, squirted with "pink sauce" (pineapple infused russian dressing) and topped with crushed potato chips. two dollars worth of heaven,

        1. re: david sprague

          Is it the juice stand on 79th and Roosevelt?

          1. re: Jeremy

            Oops, no, I see there is a juice stand on 80th too -- I was trying to picture it this afternoon and could not. They're closed for remodeling right now. A big neon hot dog hangs in the window.