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Mar 20, 2000 03:25 PM

Vegetarian in Astoria

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So what are the good restaurants in Astoria that cater to vegetarians? I'm on 30th avenue and there's not much besides the usual falafel, Rizzo's pizza, and fast stuff like that. There's a new Italian place by Ditmars called Trattoria L'Incontro that's quite good. I know I'm not going to find the next Angelica Kitchen (am I?) or better Chinese than Grand Tofu (31 ave, 37 st). But where can a couple of vegetarians go for a decent meal here? I can't help feeling that I'm stuck in meatland with the occasional mideast break. Any other Italian? Lard-free Mexican? These are veggie staples that aren't working out for me here.

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  1. Veggie restaurants in Astoria and environs may be a problem, that is, non-existent! If you live in Queens and have a car, you might consider going to the Quantum Leap Restaurant in Fresh Meadows. I don't have the precise address at this moment, but it is just off Utopia Pkwy. and slightly south of the LIE. If you want the exact address, email me and I'll post it. It is a real vegetarian restaurant, not always consistenly good, but always "healthy." It all depends who is doing the cooking on a particular night. It can reach pretty good heights.


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      Thanks, Mike. Quantum Leap is a vegetarian restaurant in the Upstate NY (think Ithaca) tradition: not exactly super-tasty or adventurous, but you know that something's really vegetarian when you're eating it. I'd stay away from the sandwiches (boring) and anything "teriyaki" (lukewarm, slippery), but the real entrees seem good. Pretty cool that it's attached to a "health food" store.


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        There's a great vegetarian restaurant a few blocks from Queens College on Parsons Blvd.. It's owned by the Sri Chinmoy people; I've gone 3 times now and have been impressed each time. The food is multiculti, with a changing menu of specials, great salads, sandwiches and pastas, and some very appealing looking desserts. They have a bunch of dishes that feature tempeh and soy based meat sbustitutes, but even they aren't bad.

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          Annam Brahma (sanskrit, BTW, for "food is God"). I'd assumed that place was closed for years, but just found them, still listed in the phone book at their old address of 84-43 164 Street (just south of grand central parkway), 718-523-2600

          They used to have a pretty good, though overpriced, buffet on weekends.

          The Sri Chimnoy group's bakery on Union Turnpike, Himaloy Joywings, seems to be closed, however. Just goes to prove that it's easier to perform miracles like dead lifts of 800 pounds than to keep a good bakery viable...


          ps--no, wait. just did a bit more research, the bakery is still open at 80-06 Surrey Place near Union Tpke. and 179th St, under the name Madal Bal Bakery. They do breakfast on sundays.

          pps--The Sri Chimnoy people have also opened another veg restaurant, called Oneness Fountain Heart Restaurant at 157-19 72 St. in flushing

    2. have to agree. I was happy to find Anna Brahma and Quantum Leap after moving from the city, check out Buddah Bodai on main st. in flushing, a block 1/2 south of the botanical garden. chinese completely veg despite all the weird fish dish monikers. i stick with the lunch specials, around $4 and save em for dinner cos prices go uppp.

      There's also a kicking Indian veggie joint in my area, i think the awning just says "vegetarian indian food"
      it's around 73rd st. and btwn 36th/37th ave.
      of course Jackson diner is on 74th btwn. 37th and Roosevelt, but i don't like em as much since they moved..
      cheers from a few stops over on the 7,
      veg in jackson heights