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Mar 20, 2000 12:57 PM

Union Tpke. Italian?

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I could swear I read more than once (though not necessarily on these boards) about an above-average Italian place in eastern Queens. I did a search here, nothing doing. Now that I need to find an unpretentious Italian place with good food, I'm coming up empty. (I'd settle for a little pretension at this point.)
We've been to Il Baco in Douglaston, I thought the food was great, but our friends nixed a return visit. Our experience has been that Italian restaurants hold the best menu choices for us - four eaters with very diverse tastes/requirements.
Any alternate suggestions out there?

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    S. O"Grady

    this is slim, but there is a restaurant on Union Tpke around 188th St that has shown up repeatedly on the NY Times lists of good places in the boros; it's Italian, and the name starts with G, and of course I can't find the article I saved that discussed it. I haven't been, but have been meaning to get there and would be interested in your reaction if you do go.

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      You are brilliant! I tried a Yellow Pages search on Yahoo!, and I got it - Il Gabbiano, 188-17 Union Tpke.
      Thanks, I'll post next month if we get there.