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Mar 13, 2000 03:18 PM

L&B in Bensonhurst

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What's the word on this place? It's on 86th St near Ave U. I've eaten there a couple of times and really liked it. It seems to be a real neighborhood fixture. It's a very informal, family-style Italian restaurant with a spumoni garden (outdoor seating for ices where you can also eat "to go").

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  1. I went to L&B's in the late '60's as I graduated from Lafayette H.S. in '67 which was right across the street from L&B. It had great pizza then and great pizza now according to relatives of mine who still live in Brooklyn and go to L&B's. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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    1. re: Susan Nolan

      l&b needs to get over itself, there are like 50 pizza places that blow it out of the water in bay ridge alone, try elegante pizzarea on 70 st and 5th ave. the best in the world!

      1. re: Joe

        Gotta agree on this one, Bay Ridge has the greatest concentration of superb pizzerias in New York. Vesuvios, Ninos, and for the old schooler, Lentos all serve there own little slice of heaven. Although bewarned for a dredge of a place called Verrazanos on 3rd and 74. Their pizza is perhaps the worst Ive ever encountered, and Ive eaten pizza in Seattle!!!

        1. re: Keith

          I'm with Joe on this one. The only thing I liked about L&B was that it offers an outdoor party-type atmosphere in a city that is severely short on al fresco dining spots. If the food was ever good, that time has past. It struck me as one of those places that everyone goes to because everyone has always gone there. The only halfway decent thing I ever had was a sicilian slice.

          1. re: wayne

            I'm a stickler when people compare pizza because they are so many different classes: thick crust, thin crust, sicilian, round, etc.

            In my opinion, L&B is one of the best sicilian slices I've ever had...well worth the wait in the summer. I used to live in Bay Ridge and never came across a slice I liked outside of Lento's which is a totally different approach..thin crust isn't the word for this pizza experience. It's all about opinion.


        2. re: Joe

          i agree.......... elegante is excellent

      2. During the summer, going there for square pizza slices(which features the sauce on top of the mozzarella chesse, topped by grated cheese) and ices (particularly the rainbow spumoni) is a must!

        1. Casa Calamari,,,just a few blocks away from L&B is a lot better