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Feb 28, 2000 01:17 PM


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Trekked to the Bronx this weekend, and went to Roberto's. It was really good! Hope this one makes it into Jim's next book. I think it's better than Dominick's, for sure.

The appetizer of choice is the broccoli rabe with sausage and white beans. They also have an appetizer-sized zucchini and eggplant parmesan which was perfect. A special pasta with baby artichokes, shitake mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes was just great, and pasta cooked with seafood cooked in foil was very good, too. The chunks of chicken with a very reduced balsamic vinegar sauce was tasty, although the white meat chunks were a bit dry.

But the real killer is the berry tart. The lightest tart I've ever had. A tender shortbread crust with an ethereal filling (not sure what was in there), topped with very fresh tiny mixed berries. It was so good, I could have eaten two!


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  1. cathy--great-sounding find!! congrats!

    expensive? Also, places it at 1161 Webster Avenue (718-590-5669). is that the place? If so, where is that on webster?


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Not overly expensive. It came to $40 each, with a bottle of wine and dessert. Seemed fine for what we got.

      No, it's not on Webster - that must be a different place. This is at 186th & Belmont.

      A few people have mentioned it on here before, so I can't take credit for discovering it!

      1. re: Cathy

        I've been one of those who have touted roberto's in the past. its fab. down the block from teitel&sons, 186th and belmont. in early december every year, they do huge feasts, not to bemissed. also in the area, hit casa de mozzarella, mount carmel wines, terranova bakery, the indoor market, and assorted butchers, sausage makers on arthur ave, and 187th st. I'm down there prbably once a week. enjoy!