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Feb 28, 2000 01:09 PM


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Jim, glad to see your writeup on Castro's! I go there very often, and love it (especially the sopes, chili rellenos and chicken mole.) I didn't have good luck with chicken tacos there, but I'll try again. You should also go to Los Pollitos on 4th Ave. & 60th Street in Sunset Park, for great guacamole, gorditas and tostones with garlic sauce.

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  1. Yeah, the chicken mole's the best thing there (as I said in the book). I'll try Pollitos fer sure....the title of best place in Sunset Park jumps around so fast that I haven't been able to track it, but Los Pollitos sounds awfully good. The tostones, however, are Dominican. But there are several Dominican/Mexican hybrids in the nabe; I suppose it's possible that one of 'em could be great (the cuisines are sooo different though)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      also, the guy who first told me about Castro's says he found better in the nabe. When I find it and try it, I'll post my notes.


      1. re: Jim Leff

        So what are the places that are supposedly better? I must know!

        1. re: Cathy

          My friend ted is being elusive on names/addresses, I suspect because he wants to go with me (he knows I speak spanish).

          again, don't worry, I'll make a major announcement. Ted's got great taste.


          1. re: Jim Leff

            Hint: Head west on Myrtle towards Bed-Stuy, there are a number of Mexican joints to check out. And if you don't find better than Castro's, what the hell, eat at African Village anyway.


            1. re: Bud Freeman

              Yeah, I think Ted's new find is west on Myrtle, but I'm not sure which one. Two of the places that look Mexican actually aren't, FWIW.

              FYI, there's a Mexican place on the south side of Myrtle just EAST of castro's. Nice people, ambitious menu, highly endorsed by the late great Lester Bowie (who lived around the corner), but not as good as Castro's.

      2. re: Jim Leff

        Yeah, Los Pollitos is a mix of Mexican and peruvian-style rottisserie chicken, plantains, etc. Both are great!

        1. re: Cathy


          My slip. Of course tostones with garlic sauce is also Peruvian (and Cuban and Puerto Rican, for that matter).

          I keep forgetting that there's starting to be more South American stuff in this nabe (that used to be almost entirely Mexican and Dominican).

      3. Also, the goat (barbacoa) is imho one of the best and intensely flavored dishes there. The spicy shredded chicken is also fabulous,.