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Feb 25, 2000 01:20 AM

Seafood Salad at Pio Pio

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Went to Pio Pio tonight for the first time in too long. The chicken and fries were as great as ever. I'm always frustrated that the ceviche is available only before dinnertime on weekends, but tonight we ordered two other appetizers: the fried calamari and the seafood salad. Not surprised that such deft fryers turned out terrific calamari, but the real knockout was the seafood salad, full of impeccably fresh seafood in a bracing, herb-suffused vinaigrette.
But be prepared. Three of us couldn't even come close to finishing the chicken, fries, and salad after the massive portions of the two appetizers.

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  1. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the P.P. post. Us chowhounds often forget the places which mean the most.
    Give me the 3 best chow-stops you have experienced as of late. You are a legend !

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    1. re: John Knoesel

      Hi John,

      Not to sound like a shill for Jim's book, but it's amazing how much the recommendations there (and on this site) have changed my repertoire.

      I've eaten out a lot in the last week, and took friends to "old favorites" from The Eclectic Guide: Pio Pio; Kam Cheueh for snow pea pods and salt & pepper seafood and mussels served in their shell in black bean sauce; a visit to the Egg Farm with supernal ice cream and terrific cheese, which I did know about until this site; and the cachapas at (for the first time in my experience) a totally consistent meal at Flor's (the mango and cauliflower salad was much improved).

      I can't visit all the restaurants I want to, so I have to admit to exploiting the wisdom of folks here rather than discovering on my own. Of course, I was familiar with many of the the restaurants in Eclectic, and yet some of the restaurants I feel most affection for -- Bo, Kervan, Pio Pio and DiFara's spring to mind immediately -- I didn't know existed when I first came here.