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Feb 13, 2000 06:53 PM

Crisci's in Brooklyn

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I know there was an earlier thread about Crisci's but no one ever responded to my question. I was just wondering if anyone who went there recently can compare it to how it used to be years ago. I wanted to take a family member there and I am not sure if they would like it if it was very different from before. Thanks.

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  1. Mark -- it is my understanding that Crisci's, formerly a neighborhood restaurant, is now a very upscale and VERY pricey restaurant. I've not heard much about it otherwise. Best bet is to try it out. Let us know if you go.


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    1. re: Mike

      Crisci's recently changed their menu to focus on Italian American food again. The prices seem to have come down a little too. Have not heard any reviews on the food in the last month. (heard it was decent when food was New American) Last night I walked by around 8 and the place was almost empty. This could be due to the old prices which could be deemed too high for the neighborhood.

      p.s. if you go, check out Bruno bakery down the street or Fortunato Brother's on Manhattan Ave & Metropolitan for dessert.

      1. re: PC

        The old Crisci's was an authentic neighborhood institution. A coupla ex-Wall Streeters took over the name and the space with a very pricey "nouvelle American" menu. (around $70 pre-fixe). There was some blurb about bringing "foie gras to Brooklyn". I find the place grating and I think they are failing. Anyways, plchester is right Bruno and Fortunato's are the real gems of the neighborhood. IMHO, Fortunatos has the BEST granita and gelato in NYC and they serve gelato all year round. That place deserves a visit by any self-respecting Chowhound.

        1. re: Drobinson

          Before Piccola Venezia became my ol'man's favorite restaurant, Crisci's was the place. I sort of remember some posts about Crisci's ( It's hard to beleive ) a couple of years ago, confirming Conselyea St.
          The charm of this place and the food brought wiseguys and Bishops of the Catholic Church together at the bar for an after dinner drink.
          I grew up in Sunnyside and went to Saint Francis Prep when it was still on No. 6th & Driggs. We used to catch the bus back to Queens right around the corner on Metro.
          I didn't even know it had been reborn.

          1. re: John Knoesel

            My wife just had a meal in Crisci's. She will give a fuller report, but they are apparently not succeeding on the upscale restaurant that was created and are going back to basic good Italian food. She enjoyed her meal very much.


            1. re: John Knoesel
              Priscilla Normandy Greenwood

              I used to live across the street from Crisci's at 37 Conselyea Street when I was growing up in the 1940s. It made me nostalgic to read your posts.

              My father used to hang out at the bar at Crisci's after work. It was the place where everybody knew your name. I remember Mom sending me across the street to Crisci's to tell dad it was time to come home, supper was ready. We ate there once in awhile, always reasonably-priced, simple, and delicious Italian food. I saw my first TV there!! Kind of dates me, but so what, who cares! When Dad died in 1966, we ate at Crisci's after the wake. It seemed only fitting.

              Just wondering if you or any readers live in my old neighborhood. I wish I had pictures of any landmarks in the old neighborhood. I only have our old house, Crisci's, and the Orlando Funeral Home.

              I have a picture of Crisci's circa 1981 on my website family album which is

              Priscilla Normandy Greenwood
              Gainesville, Florida--and still proud to be from Brooklyn!

              1. re: Priscilla Normandy Greenwood
                Ted Rakowski

                my old neighborhood and great memories.

                1. re: Priscilla Normandy Greenwood
                  Steve Abramowitz

                  The original Crisci's Italian restaurant from Brooklyn NY is alive and well in Ocoee (near Orlando)FL. It has been reopen by Lou Crisci son of the original owner Pete. Lou and his partner Joe Mucciolo have recreated all of the orginal dishes as well as having created a nostalgic astmosphere complete with pictures from the old place. If your in the area stop by for some great food and reminiscing. The restaurant is located at 2642 Maguire Road, Ocoee, FL 34761 (407) 654-1614 (Closed Sundays)

          2. re: Mike
            Carrie Schadle

            I ate there in late January. It was the night of the snow storm and about 12 friends and I went there for my birthday dinner. (I live in the neighborhood and wanted all of my city friends to have to come to Brooklyn.) We shared appetizers, but they were really skimpy and pretty average. The entrees were quite good, but I didn't see any of the new American stuff I'd heard about--just Italian. They were a little annoyed because they usually close pretty early--around ten I think--and we didn't even sit down until 8:30. When I called they said it wouldn't be a problem, but acted like it was once we got there. The wines and cocktails were also very expensive. It ended up costing about $65 a person, which I thought was high for what we got. You would have thought they would have been thrilled to have us on a night that would have otherwise been dead, but they weren't very friendly at all.