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Jan 27, 2000 07:02 PM

peters market

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hit the market today. nice, modern shop. however thats about it. quality of selections, are average, or below average. olive poor, balsamico poor, pastas poor, prepared foods fair, meats good. all in all I bought nothing, and wouldn't return. there are scores of other deli's/salumerias all over the place, that might not look as good, but have higher quality goods. enjoy!

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  1. Seems we were at different stores. Their pastas include organic and artisanal types not usually seen here, certain olive oils are the better or equal to deluxe Tuscans priced three times as much, their fresh breads are a marvel, they have buffalo and pheasant. Yes, the prepared foods are not too interesting but with such staples, who cares: we always avoid Italian restaurants and cook our own. Also they make a decent squid ink sauce with chunks of cuttle fish (frozen section).

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      Where is Peter's Market? Is it new?

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        we were in the same market. imho, those artisan pastas, are for xport basically for the usa. they are ot unique, nor are they top quality. their oils poor, I am not impessed by tuscan oils, just on name alone either,but the oils shown at peters are weak. their balsamicos are super market( See A&P) quality. cheeses were fair, nothing special, same of the breads, meats areof much better stock than the rest of the entire store. I do totally agree w/you, on manducatti's, and we also dig piccola venezia, we been going to these places for quite a long time. also roberto's in the bronx is very good as well. enjoy!

      2. I sort of let the first round of posts go by on Peter's because they were so new , and , after a walk through with Mr's K. during the holidays, we both felt that they sort of needed to fill the place with more of a selection of prepared foods.
        Not that I am a big fan of places like Eatzi's, Dean & DeLuca, The Barefoot Contessa, and the like, their presentation could help these guys a lot.
        The jury is definetly still out on this place, but as long as Durso's is still around, and they are paying Franny Lou rents, big marketing and menu changes need to be implemented in order to survive. ( I hope they advertise well into Bayside )
        Regards, JK

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          The prepared foods are a mixed bag, as mentioned earlier. But unlike Durso's, who tend to dump on the same miserable, I repeat, miserable cheap Locatelli-Romano + breadcrumbs and garlic to "flavor" what should intrinsically have flavor, Peters falls into the category of ITALIAN food, not Italian-American. A big difference. You seem concerned with real estate and marketing: you might be missing a great culinary experience, as many in this neighborhood, even Italian-Americans, are unaware of the glories of high-quality Italian ingredients and food.

          1. re: Allan Evans

            Hi Allan,
            I guess I should have mentioned in my post that I think a place like Peter's is a great asset to our neighborhood.
            Marino Bros., Durso's and Corona Park enjoy great success because they care about quality and consistency in their products.
            You are right about the marketing aspect of my post, After 20 years in Direct Marketing, I guess I look at the start of a business, chow related or not, in terms of it's initial advertising push.
            Real Estate wise, I just hope they have the rent covered for the normal year that most business planners recommend. Let's face it, The competition in this type of business , ( and the survival rate ) is fierce.
            See my post on Joe's Shanghai to follow !