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jackson diner

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sat night at Jackson Diner - a mob scene - huge through-put of customers, constant drafts sweeping through due to crowds in the vestibule, and no wonder that the food quality has declined from former peaks - just the plain, unvarnished dishes, no garnishes of coriander or onion (except on the grilled platters) no cashews in the masala dosai - goat curry tasty this time, but somewhat undercooked and oversalted, no chutnies brought with naan, etc. On the other hand, underlying cuisine remains unchanged and generally very good, naans were excellent, grilled meat platters going by looked fine, and prices remain low (Id rather they raised the prices a bit and spent a little more time on the food). We got to like Jackson D in the first place by going for weekday lunches - I think we will return to that contrarian strategy for future visits.

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