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Jan 18, 2000 10:01 AM


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Finally got to Mandiba, the new South African place in Fort Greene (on DeKalb near Adelphi).

They really went all out trying to create the South African ambience, and the result is pretty cool. Very cozy feeling. You sure don't feel like you're in Brooklyn!

Anyway, the food. Nice crusty whole grain bread with butter and jam, served in a tin loaf pan, oddly. I got giant prawns (heads on) with some very flavorful rice. Good, but not overwhelming. However, my friend got curried mussels with french fries, and this BLEW US AWAY! The best dish I've had in some time. Tons of delicious curry sauce to sop up with the fries. Just great. You must get this.

The only down side to this place is that the guy who I assume is the owner has a bit of a cornball streak. He was wearing an Indiana Jones-type hat and overalls. And when he was describing the "catch of the day" to the table next to us, he made them hold a fishing pole. Eeek. However, I can overlook this silliness for those mussels!!

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  1. Thanks for the report, Cathy. I live right around the corner and, inexplicably, have not managed to eat there yet. But I am 98% sure the name is "Madiba" (wouldn't want your helpful post to end up in limbo -- the place where posts with slight variations in spelling go, and are thus unreached by search engines -- if I am right).

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      Thanks for the correction, Mary. I corrected the spelling in the subject header so it will come up with a search. Go get those mussels, I'm telling you!

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        Yes, it is Madiba. This is one of the reviews that I summarized that really intrigued me. (I'm not all that far away from it either, but I haven't made it over there yet.) Anyway, I liked Robert Sietsema's review of this and your comments seem to agree with his. I've provided a link to his review below. I'm not sure how long they'll keep it available at the Voice, or how much time you have for reading (!), so don't forget you can always read the encapsulation, too, here on Chowhound. It's in the Dec. 10, 1999 summaries.