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Jan 12, 2000 12:19 PM


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Anyone been to Bang? It's a Vietnamese restaurant
across the street from the Flushing Library (on
the Kissena side.
I'm craving Vietnamese food and am wondering if
this place is worth a visit.


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  1. Are you referring to Pho Bang? Next door to a $.99 schlock store? If so, it's part of the Pho Bang empire. I was there a few weeks ago and was presented with a menu that featured the address of the Elmhurst (or some other location) branch. Freaky.

    Others may disagree, but I think their food is just fine, as long as you know what to order. I stick with the roast pork bun (that's a rice noodle, not a bread).

    Does anyone know of other Vietnamese restaurants in downtown Flushing?

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    1. re: David Link

      There's a very good Vietnamese place (whose name escapes me) on the strip that includes Penang on Prince Street.

      1. re: Helen


        Do you mean Lai Food? I've never been, but it's situated on the corner that Penang resides on, right?

        What do you recommend?


        1. re: David Link

          Yes, that's the block. Darned if I can remember what we ordered there -- it's been many months, and many meals in other Vietnamese places, since my last visit. I think we were last there in July. Seem to recall liking the summer rolls, which was a first for me (not eating summer rolls, but liking them.)
          Sorry I can't be more illuminating about the menu -- if it has any extraordinary specialties, I've forgotten them. But it's a good, local place to go for an order of Bun, or to satisfy that craving for sweet iced coffee.

          1. re: David Link

            Sorry, David, just re-read your question. Laifood is the place on the corner of that strip, however it's not Vietnamese -- if memory serves, it's Taiwanese. I remember we had something there (sticky rice, maybe?) with Chinese sausage that we intend to go back and order again.
            The still-nameless (maybe I could e-mail you directly with the name, if I ever get a chance to drive by Prince St. & check it out) Vietnamese place is away from the corner, very close to (next door to, maybe?) Penang. If you park & walk the block, you'll see it.

            1. re: Helen

              Thanks, all. Will give Pho/nameless place a try the next time I'm in the area and hankering for Vietnamese.

              While in the area, stop by ____ (another nameless place) -- on Prince where it dead ends just north of Roosevelt -- for freshly steamed buns. The pickled cabbage filling is divine.

              It's a very short block and its area and surrounding streets is a fun place to poke around. This used to be a crackhead hangout, I'm amazed at the thriving turnaround.

          2. re: Helen

            I believe that the place in question is simply called "Pho", at 38-02 Prince Street. It's been awhile since I've been there, but I remember it being pretty good.