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Jan 3, 2000 02:46 PM

DiFara - hot tip

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When you go to DiFara (especially in the winter), be sure to ask Dom if he has any off-menu specials. Last night we had some truly great soup (bean with some kind of bitter greens), and a lobster tail that came with spaghetti marinara. The lobster was a bit overcooked, but still good.

There's one guy who eats there every single night, and I've seen him get some interesting dishes, like swordfish.


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    stephen kaye

    pls forward address and phone # if possible. thx much

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      chk chwhnd srch engn. it's bn mntned mny tms bfr.

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        stephen kaye

        i did already, thx mucho

    2. d
      Dave Feldman


      Just wondering if the guy who eats there every day is the guy I've seen there. Usually I see him reading the Daily News, or doing word search puzzles. Talked to him once and asked him if there were other good restaurants in the area. He said an emphatic no: "Why eat anywhere else?"

      What a lucky guy.

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        Yeah, that could be the guy. He usually has a bike, sometimes brings it in the place. Dark hair.

      2. wanted to enthusiastically second your recommend of the soup at de faras. Dom suggested this one time when I asked for a vegetable - the first time white beans, the second time (when I asked for soup straight out) favas, different greens the two times ( think chicory and chard). The favas were great - he said they were cooked in the oven. both time lots of olive oil, garlic cloves and plenty of that wonderful cheese. Ive enjoyed these dishes so much that Ive never actually tried his pizza.

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        1. re: jen kalb

          Jen: Speaking of Italian food: HOW WAS ITALY?
          Is a report forthcoming? pat