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Dec 24, 1999 09:16 PM

Vaux - Tribeca comes to the Slope

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Hit Vaux on 5th Ave and Carroll last night for a generally enjoyable evening. Best of three 1st courses we tried is a plate of three different seared fish - salmon, tuna & scallop, which I would class as excellent, although my son wouldn't share more than a morsel. Stay away from the Duck confit - dry and without the yummy skin.

My main course was a pot pie with "chicken oysters, oyster mushroom and Malpeaque oysters". Comforting and savory with perfect puff pastry covering. Wife and son had lobster risotto which they thought tasty. Service was good - the head waiter is one of the Henry's End alumni. Pretty dining room as well. Total tab including a 1/2 bot. of Pinot Gris = $142.35.

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  1. Sounds pretty pricey to me - though it looks very pretty. And it's on 5th and 1st, not Carroll - just for the record.