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Dec 23, 1999 09:23 AM

Holy Basil Incarnation

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Ciao to all chowhounds. Long time, no visit but I couldn't resist after my fifth meal at Bayside's newest (actually ONLY)Thai restaurant, "Erawan." After buying four gift certificates for friends last night the affable owners Oi (as in "Oy Vay" as she pointed out..)and Paul stopped by our table for a chat and to ask just what it was we found so delish. Turns out they own Holy Basil, Little Basil, Ubol's Kitchen, both Rungsits (sp?) Montien and a bunch of others, ten in all inclusing one in Jerusalem. Anyway, gotta run as I am typing this between teaching classes BUT GO, GO GO!!! It's fantastic and the seafood dishes are exceptional as is the sate, pad Thai, and banana spring rolls for dessert.

Happy Holidays and Full Tummies to All,

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  1. Wow! Where in Bayside? I have been a fan of Rungsit's (on 23rd St.) food for years and knew that there was another one on 34th St. and one in Jerusalem. I didn't know, however, how great the empire!

    Haven't gotten to Simply Thai on Queens Blvd. and everytime I think about going to Q on Ascan Ave., I always decide on a more economical choice.

    How does Erawan rate against these other Queens Thai places? How does it compare to Rungsit?

    What else is especially delicious there?

    Thanks Lisa!

    1. Hey Lisa,
      Great to see a post from a person who I consider to be a member of the " Chowhound Hall Of Fame ".
      Mrs. K's buddies from St. Mel have eaten there and say it is a MUST try.
      I was out all day today stocking up for the Sicilian seafood orgy which I know you can relate to.
      Here's to a great holiday season to all my 'Houndfolk.
      To Jim, The Alpha Hound, Keep up the good work, and all the best in 2K.
      Regards,,,,,,,,, HOHOHO,,,,,,,,,JK