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Dec 16, 1999 11:34 PM

yournell on warren off smith st. the horror

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I need some time to collect my thoughts on this absolute waste of time , money and a good idea

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  1. Its Ytournel (with a t), by the way.

    More to the point, I've eaten there too. I admit there were a fair number of kinks to be worked out. But the concept and pricing are good, especially for what Smith Street is becoming, and the owner seems well intentioned. I would rather watch carefully and give it a chance to pull itself together than nip it in the bud.

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    1. re: Alan Emdin

      My husband brought home a very nice (if small) herbed 1/2 chicken with rosemary potatoes from there the other night. Is it the food that's a problem, or are the kinks in the service?

      1. re: Kendra

        ok here goes without this sounding like a diatribe, ytournel with a t sucked. I was excited about this place waiting for it to open.The old carriage house was to be a great setting, the inside had a great floor, cabinets ,lighting . so what was it going to be? A market,retail, restuarant I was told. great I thought. They woud have a little produce section with well kept fruits and vegetables maybe a little exotic, prepared foods by the pound,maybe an array of cheeses and breads, plus homemade pates,mousses,a galantine here and there, and then a fun little bistro with some innovative and some classic dishes. Was I wrong. you walk in and on the left was this little cubicle with some scared veggies, dying for a spritz of water, fennel was as exotic as it got.on the right was a show case of a couple of pates, smoked salmon stil in its package, and two small dishes,one was over cooked khaki colored aparagus the other was something diced maybe beets but it was sauced and drying out and scary looking. So we sat for lunch a wierd menu hard to folow, we had the charcuterie plate, 2 slices of garlic sausage,2 of dried sausage, and a scared slice of b. forest ham. where were those pates in the show case I dont know. my friend had tomato soup , tepid red water. now get this, he had cod and potatoes mostly potatoes in cream and I had penne bolganase which came out bowties and they were both cooked by microwave. MICROWAVE. and they both sucked . all this while your facing the dish washer.. ill run, ill concieved, ill thought out, and illing me softly. nothing bothers me more than to see a place with great potential , miss so bad. thats my story thatswhat i`m sticking to.

        1. re: joey g

          I can't be as colorful as Joey G, but I would have to agree with his assessment after two visits. Did decide to give it a second chance. I was looking forward to someplace with top notch produce. But having stopped by four or five times now, have to say that the veggies were droopy and depressing. I would gladly walk that far to buy there if they did it right, but they don't seem to know how to store things and keep them fresh.

          My wife tried the cabbage soup. It is kind to say that it was barely flavored water with a handful of shavings of cabbage.
          I tried the onion tart. It might have been good, but it was too cold. And the restaurant itself was having trouble with heat, so there was no chance of it heating up and waking up some of the flavor.
          We also had the potatoes with cod. But had to hunt for the cod.

          Would have liked this to be good, but without a major shakeup, new recipes, and real effort at improvement, it'll never do. And the competition now is stiff.

        2. re: Kendra

          In my experience the problem was the food. The service was a bit harried, but good natured. I persist in hoping things will straighten out.