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Dec 13, 1999 04:52 PM


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Anyone have a view on Mignon which is Carroll Gardens. I may be going there for my wife's 30th birthday.

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  1. I have been there twice. The first time was the week they opened. The food was very nice it was summer and I had grilled sardines with a tomato coulis. I had some kind of fish after I now don't remember what it was but it was also nice. However the service left something to be desired. I forgave them as it was opening week. The owner was very gracious and sweet but his waiter was basically incompetent.
    The next time I went I ordered the chicken with preserved lemons. It was the end of a very busy weekend and evidently they had run out, because what i recieved was a pile of basically deboned extremely dry chicken. If they had run out I wish someone had told me. I would have gladly ordered something else.I didn't say anything and I should have, so it was half my fault. The owner once again was very gracious and kind he originally sat us at a very uncomfortable table and moved us without prompting when someone else left. At the end of dinner our waiter lost our check and it took 20 minutes to get it. I don't know why they can't get the service together...
    I still feel like they deserve a chance...But I am quickly losing faith.

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      My wife and I eat at Mignon as much as every other week. It's nearby and dependable on those nights when we don't want to cook. As has been mentioned the Argentinian steak is quite good, not excellent but good. The fish dishes are all done well. It's not a place we go for something special. But it is a tasty dependable place to go. The service is not great, but friendly. But in point of fact, I haven't found a place on
      Court or Smith that has polished service. I had great service once at Saul's but the other times it has been as lack luster as anywhere else in the neighborhood. so we eat well at Mignon, the people are friendly, and the service is just about the same as anywhere else near by.

    2. I'd certainly recommend Mignon overall, although I think they're still working out the kinks. We took the in-laws there last week and had a delicious meal in an attractive room, but were cramped for space and somewhat disappointed by the service. It's byob for now, and although wine glasses came quickly we had to ask twice for water. We also had to remind the waiter to bring bread, which was good -- crusty and tender -- but cold.

      That said, we started with a very nice duck confit and mild homemade smoked salmon (they were out of salad!), moved on to delicious salmon and skate with lots of interesting al dente baby vegetables on the side (a lot of passing around bites of root-looking things and asking each other "what do you think *this* is?") and a good Argentinian steak with nearly-perfect frites (could have been a tad crispier), and we shared nice madeleines to finish it off (the portions were large enough to put us off dessert). The prices were quite reasonable, fortunately, because it's cash only.

      We'll definitely go there again, but I'm not sure it's where I'd want to go for my b-day.