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Dec 6, 1999 08:33 AM

delicious dosas

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reading jims article about the thai temple and the developing neighborhood prompted me to post about the the (indian) ganapati temple in flushing: i don't know the exact address, but going north on kissena blvd, you turn right on holly and then left on bowne. (holly is about 2 or 3 miles from the 495 exit for kissena blvd). there are two places here that serve food: the temple cafetaria and the dosa hut, which is a small restaurant on the corner of holly and bowne. the cafetaria is in the basement of the building immediately to the right of the temple. both serve the basic south indian menu.

avoid the cafetaria! but the dosa hut can transport me right back to india when its got its act together. unfortunately, its huge variability means a special trip can be risky, but should you find yourself in the area, check it out. its ridiculously cheap and at least equal to any idli/dosa in the tri state area.

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    Jason Perlow

    Dosas are those long flat things made with letil/legume flour filled with potato and onion, sorta like knishes?

    I like those.


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      Dosa(s) are similar to brittle crepes, a foot or more long. The stuffing varies. The batter is ground rice with ground skinless black lentils (urad dal) which are fermented and made into dosa, uttappam ("pizza") and iddly (resembling either flying saucers or contraceptive diaphragms). The best we've had are at Mavalli in Manhattan. We've also found the Dosa Hut to be uneven.