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Nov 17, 1999 05:44 PM

Is there a limited space per posting

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Jim:I've tried to post a, guess rather long post and it's been cut off twice as I was just begining to get to it.The first time I began where the first cutoff occured. I thought I'd pushed a wrong button.If you remember I'm prone to do that from time to time.The 2nd time the same thing. The entire posting was about 2000 words or so. At least. There was at least 1500 about how Dom grates his cheese and checks the readiness of his pies; you know, the left handed spin and look, spin and look, spin and look. And then that classic black & white photograph of Dom as a kid.I guess I just wanted to say that guy, Dom sure knows how to make a slice.Don't you think if timelines and places in history were fluid Michaelangelo would have taken his lunch breaks at Dom's? They could have jawed about techniques and goings on of the day, whatever day, artisan to artisan. Glad you've been able to keep the site alive and growing.If you remember I'm prone to do that from time to time.So... is there now a limit on length of postings or is it something I did or didn't.

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  1. Allen, is that your correct email address? Because, as I said in email, it looks like you must be using Microsoft Explorer on a Mac, and with that setup there's this very annoying tendency for messages to cut off. We've been trying for months to get to the bottom of it.

    either post with netscape or email me the text you want to post. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to email me this text right now, I'll repost the whole kit and kaboodle for you


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Rachel Perlow

      I know nothing about your IE for Mac troubles, but as someone who occasionally makes long posts, I try to compose off line, get it just right, and then just copy the text into the Message box. After one too many messages got lost due to my taking too much time composing, I've found this to be the best method.

      1. re: Rachel Perlow
        Robert Sietsema

        And remember, brevity is the soul of wit.

      2. re: Jim Leff

        sorry, never answered your actual question. No, there is NO limit to message length (we've got LOTS of room!).

        And while brevity may be the soul of wit, there are many muses, and we encourage everyone to indulge theirs...long-winded or terse!

        Allen, hope you saved copies of your cut-off messages. I'd be totally delighted to get them reposted for you. Just email me!