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Nov 15, 1999 11:41 AM

El Asmar rises from the ashes, sort of.

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A new little store has appeared on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights, between Court and Clinton, in the same location as the former, much-beloved El Asmar. I went in last night when I saw that it was finally open for business, and it seems to be operated by the same very nice people, featuring the same foodstuffs. I didn't spot the older, mustachioed man and his wife, who did the delicious cooking in the back, but the prepared foods in the case looked like her stuff. I bought a stuffed eggplant but haven't eaten it yet. If it's the same, I will be so happy. Open on Sunday nights, too.

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  1. This is a strange thing. El Asmar closes down, the storefront is vacated, and now a new place opens that is practically identical -- the same layout, the same products, everything in pretty much the same place as it was before. It's like it never left. But it seems it's not the same owners -- that's what the guy I spoke to there said anyway. If El Asmar closed due to lack of business, I can't see any reason that this carbon copy would do any better. I'm glad to have the place back, though.

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      Hmmmm, strange. As I said, I hadn't seen the older couple from El Asmar at the new place (Hanshali International Foods). But I did see two of the younger guys there. That stuffed eggplant turned out to be pretty good. I wonder if those two guys are related to the older couple, or what. Hmmmm again. I'd like this place to succeed, but we shall see. Thanks for your report.

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        Lenny Karle-Zenith

        Wow! What a mystery - we were wondering if they had fallen to some conspiracy. We were SO sad to see it disappear. I would LOVE to know the whole story!!