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Nov 5, 1999 06:53 PM

little poland

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been having this craving for some polski so i took a ride to greenpoint with no particular destination in mind. saw a place called "little poland" (on nassau street off of greenpoint ave.) and took a shot. cute little place. pleasant staff.
we ordered three kinds of pierogis (they listed about 5 or 6 on the menu) and they were excellent! ditto the apple dumplings (thin and crispy, not greasy at all, nice subtle apple taste). ordered the combo plates:
kielbasa (nicely cooked, but not the best quality sausage), stuffed cabbage (good, i've had better, but i've definitely had a lot worse), kraut (really tasty) and cheese pierogis (again, excellent). they also give some complementary dishes of kraut, apple sauce and mashed beets (loved the beets). this and some polish beer ("zywiec"), and my itch was scratched.

and all of the above cost $34.75. the prices here are stupid cheap. the most expensive thing on the menu is $6.50 (combo platter). how do these people make a living? i don't know but i'd definitely go back to help them along!
take care.

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  1. I wonder if there is any connection to the "Little Poland" on 2nd Avenue and 11th street in Manhattan...Also very affordable and good.

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      For those willing to make the trek, try Happy End in Greenpoint on Manhattan Avenue. Try any soup and stuffed cabbage is terrific. Fresh carrot salad and so on. Then go across the street and feast your eyes and pantry on The Garden, a great gourmet bakery where you can get great health food, fresh organic produce and bread from the best bakeries in NYS.

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        health food?....greenpoint?....i think that's one of the signs that the end is near in 'revelations'!