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Nov 4, 1999 06:46 PM

Pearson's Countdown Continues

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gang...I had to delete the whole "Pearson's Countdown Continues" thread. Something's screwy with the thought that the thread had 10 replies, when it only had 9, and this was making erratic
things happen. Bob(TM), who manages tech and programming stuff, just left for a three week trip to Vietnam an hour ago...of COURSE the boards had to melt down immediately thereafter.

I hope and pray that this will fix it. If anything weird happens, please let me know!!

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  1. met a friend from the old neighborhood yesterday and we stopped at "legend's" for some drinks. the crowd there was pretty tame, mostly middle aged folks. the rowdy crowd i've encountered there in the past weren't to be found (i think that the local AA meeting is held on thursday nights). anyway, my friend happens to know the owner (john) and we talked with him at the bar and he tells us that the bbq is opening next friday (the 12th). there were actually workers installing duct work at about 8:00 pm, so it seems they are trying to rush things in order to open. and that's my report!
    take care.