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Nov 1, 1999 10:56 AM

Calentada deliciosa

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This morning, I had a yummy calentada con chorizo for breakfast. Calentada is a sort of wet rice and beans mash (better than it sounds) that Colombian restaurants serve at breakfast; I've had it at Natives on Northern Blvd. and Mario on 37th Ave. The one I ate today, at Rincon Sabroso on Roosevelt and 87th St., was way better than either of those. The distinctive touch there was pig's foot and cracklins; at Natives and Mario's there's a little pork flavor but no identifiable meat.

The menu listed calentada con carne asada; but they were happy to substitute chorizo -- good chorizo, though I don't think particularly better than what I've had at other Colombian places in the neighborhood. The arepita that came with the dish was wetter than normal -- which I was happy with; I usually find them dry and flavorless. This one didn't have much flavor either but at least it wasn't bone-dry.

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  1. Jeremy, can you recommend a butcher or grocery in Jackson heights that sells good columbian-style chorizo? Thanks!

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      The butcher shop attached to La Boina Roja steakhouse (37th Ave. and 81st St.) has good chorizo -- and generally good meats. Note, I'm not recommending La Boina Roja steakhouse itself -- I don't particularly like the place.