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Oct 30, 1999 02:55 PM

Barbecue in Jackson Heights (not yet, but...)

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While we're all waiting for Pearson's to reopen, I found a groovy Ecuadorian operation on Junction Blvd. and 35th Ave, in the parking lot of the auto mechanic there.

Extremely low-tech; the pit is one of those little tabletop hibachis that you buy at the hardware store for $15. For lunch today, I had (homemade!) grilled morcilla, pork ribs, mote, and a delicious grilled potato pancake. They also had arepitas, stewed chicken, and a potato soup that looked and smelled wonderful.

The highlight of the meal was really the morcilla (though everything was very good). As I said, it was not made professionally; it was not bound very well so it tended to smoosh out all over the plate instead of cutting. It tasted really fresh, like it had been stuffed last night at the earliest; the filling was rice and green peas.

The pork ribs were really good too; but unfortunately because they had such a small cooking surface they were cooking things in shifts. My morcilla came right off the grill, but the ribs had come off a while before and were staying warm in a pot (the chicken also).

Those Ecuadorian potato pancakes are nice -- a lot of street vendors in JH and Corona sell them; they have to be eaten hot to be good. Luckily they were on the grill next to the sausage when I got my lunch.

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