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Oct 28, 1999 09:33 AM


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Anybody tried Crisci, in Williamsburg? Curious about the buzz...

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  1. BUZZ! is right. Yesterday Arthur Schwartz went on and on about it. A fantastic restaurant that is worth a visit from any where. Chef Zod moved to greener pastures from his former restaurant 10 Square in Morristown,NJ.Arthur only had one small problem with a sauce for his lobster , too sweet! He called it a very special meal! He and his friends had the Chef's tasting menu and Chef Zod was aware for whom he was cooking. Buzz.....buzzzz.......

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      "worth a visit from any where [sic]"?
      I won't leave this where for lobster served with a sweet sauce. How do they sweeten the poor crustacean at this very special place? With maple syrup? Plain old sugar? Molasses?

      1. re: Allan Evans

        Hey Allan .......Don't shoot the messenger.I was in a Jimi Hendrix crosstown traffic jam,so the radio did not have all of my attention.I think Arthur said Vanilla!No mention of maple syrup or molasses.This mention by the way was the only negative word he uttered about this restaurant.He couldn't say enough good things about the creative Chef Zod. His last restaurant in NJ received no less than 3 rave reviews by the Jersey media in a single month.But NJ being NJ business was very hit and miss,and Chef Zod departed for greener pastures (Williamsburg,Brooklyn?)Judging from his past performance Crisci is worth a look see.

        1. re: chris
          Patrick Keilch

          Where in Williamsburg is this place?

          Another Williamsburg suggestion is Miss Williamsburg Diner on Kent btw. Metropolitan and N.3rd. Although I have heard some bad stuff, my meal was very good. Didn't try the pasta, which is obviously important, as it is putatively Italian. Interesting, well priced, and BYOB.

    2. Are you talking about the Crisci's on Lorimer St. and Coseleyea St., a block from Metropolitan Ave. If so, when did it re-open!?!?!?! My father used to live right down the block from there, and grew up in the neighborhood. Anybody who has been there since it's re-opening, please let me know what it's like, what's changed and what hasn't. Please. It was really a special place for me, with a lot of memories. Thank you very much!!!