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Oct 22, 1999 12:55 PM

what's up in whitestone

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we're spending a coupla days at mama's, ripping up the last of the garden and helping with canning (pickled goods, last of the tomato sauce, etc.). in the mornings she goes to get fresh baked goods at "stork's" (corner of 150th street and 12th ave.), and some of their stuff is downright excellent. the absolutely best croissants in queens (maybe n.y.c.-i know for sure that the bakers at payard should come here for a week to learn how to make croissants-i had payard's right after their eight week long article in the n.y. times dining section, and their's were simply disappointing, tres miserables), poppy seed rolls that are addictive (go ahead, tell me you can honestly eat just one!), and real jelly donuts with real blackberry jelly (pedestrian? perhaps....however i believe that good donuts merit classification as their own basic food group!!). any fruit tart or pie here is a winner and the cakes can be excellent (o.k., i'm not thrilled with the strawberry shortcake). they also make their own chocolate, which ain't the best in the world, but it's very, very good (we like the truffles).
also, as i walked to the mailbox last night, i noticed a pretty big line outside of "cooking with jazz". actually the place was mobbed. I haven't had a meal there in over two years, though when i did i thoroughly enjoyed it. anyone been here recently?
also it strikes me that with such a bustling business, why would the ownership decide to stay in such a tiny location? (i remember feeling fairly claustrophobic at my last visit, sub-consciously may have something to do with why i haven't been back.)
take care.
p.s. i also noticed that "cooking with jazz" had a cardboard sign in the window stating that they are now offering cooking classes. sounds interesting.

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    Steve from Rhinebeck

    I can't answer your questions about "cooking with jazz"
    Actually i've never seen it. But you rang a bell when you mentioned Storks.I grew up in Whitestone, and moved to Manhattan during the Johnson administration.
    I try to return to Storks a few times a year.I often refer to it, when talking to friends about quality. The reason they're so successful,(go there Sunday AM,maybe 20-30 people on line, all spending big bucks)
    is that they continue to make everything the way they did 30 years ago, from real ingredients. Tip,try the beehive cake, I havn't had it in years, but the way the prices were going it shouldn't be more than $200.00-$300.00. Thanks for the trip down "memory lane"

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      It's a small world ("...but I wouldn't want to paint it"-Steven Wright), 'cause Rhinebeck brings back memeories for me. It's the first place my dad and his cronies from the "old country" used to take me hunting (Carter administration).

      How's the Beekman Arms holding up? I had many a fine meal (and even more drinks) there.
      (I believe that you should answer this in the "tri-state area" board.)