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Oct 20, 1999 07:39 PM

Pearson's Texas Barbecue

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I just posted the absolutely up-to-the-minute status of Pearson's; but not here -- in reply (1) to Jill 10/07 posting.

Sorry for the detour to find it, but go there for hours, opening status, etc.

I'm not happy to read unpleasant comments on Legends, but this is a true conversion at least during Pearson's Noon to night barbecue hours. Although we have all new equipment, we've basically picked up the LIC layout and staff and transported them to Jackson Heights.

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  1. I have nothing against the ADDRESS, Ellen...just what goes on in its present incarnation.

    If you're going to totally barbecue-ize the place, I for one am pretty psyched!

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Sleepy Le Boef

      Please just open the place already, Ok?

      1. re: Sleepy Le Boef

        Nov. 8th is the new anticipated opening date, I learned after a fruitless trip last night. (I suppose I should have called first...) And the clientele wasn't _that_ bad--I was expecting much worse. People spoke to me, nicely even, and said good-bye when I left...