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Oct 18, 1999 09:00 PM

Nick and Joe's on Court St, Bklyn

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Is there any reason to think that the pizza at this place is still any good? The fact that it never gets mentioned here makes me less than hopeful.

They used to make a slice that was well above average, and I hear it's the same people still working there, so maybe, just maybe, they haven't succumbed to the ravages of time?

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  1. I have worked in downtown Brooklyn for many years and have never liked their pizza, and I still don't. I always found it heavy and acidy.

    If you're looking for a good slice of pizza in that area, you might try ordering a pie from Queens or slices from "My Little Pizeeria" on Court near Atlantic, espcecially the fresh mozarella.

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      I went to college at Polytech on Jay St - here are the faves we had in the area:
      1. Patsys (worth the walk, only on off-hours. Too crowded and inconsistent at peak times.)
      2. My Little Pizzeria - best all-round quality and service.
      3. Queens - good pie, better food in the actual restaurant.
      4. Nick & Joes - as a last resort. I believe they are popular because they are closest to the muncipal building and have a window - case closed!