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Oct 11, 1999 11:43 PM

white chocolate cheescake

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if any one has a great white choc. cheesecake recep. pls email me at thanks.

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  1. Normally, I'd point out the discourtesy (and poor netsmanship) of requesting a personal reply to a public message, since while public discussion informs multitudes, emails inform only one individual.

    But for something as ghastly as (my fingers hesitate to even type!) white chocolate cheesecake, please do take this discussion somewhere private.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      What's so ghastly about a white chocolate cheesecake?

      Surely, you jest. My interest is piqued.

      Presumably I would follow a good chocolate cheesecake recipe and use white chocolate instead of regular chocolate, but I'd probably drop the fat content somewhat, perhaps with some of the cream cheese as lowfat cream cheese, as white chocolate has more fat in it.

      By the way, loved the Arepa Lady thing in MP3. The sound effects were killer! (with the police sirens, overhead trains, etc, sounds like a real dangerous neighborhood!)



      1. re: Jason Perlow

        "...sounds like a real dangerous neighborhood!"

        Hardly! Thriving, maybe. Bustling? Of course! But dangerous, real or otherwise, would not describe it.

        I thank you to kindly to not cast aspersions on this neighborhood.

        1. re: Jason Perlow

          the fact that a white chocolate cheesecake can be made is no justification for making it. Adding essentially flavorless (not really chocolate at all) fat to an already fat-laden item seems misguided imho.

          1. re: Jason Perlow
            Meredith Merrihew

            White chocolate is the perfect insipid "gourmet" food for suburbanites who think overhead trains mean dangerous neighborhoods.

            1. re: Meredith Merrihew

              Ok. I can see where this conversation is going.

              !FLAME ON

              Listen, you holier-than-thou food writer wannabe hockey puck . I'll have you know that I went to High School in the most shelled-out parts of Flushing and Jamaica Queens. I think I know what EXACTLY a bad neighborhood is. Not to mention that I went to college in Washington DC (the murder capital of the US during my tenure), and was once stranded for 5 hours in a disabled car in Southeast DC, where there are parts that make areas north of 125th street in Harlem (or Beirut) look like club Med.

              That being said -- I may live in the NJ suburbs but I work and eat frequently in Manhattan and the outer boroughs, and I consider my tastes to be at par and as diverse/eclectic as any of the "elite" senior chowhounds on this board.

              !FLAME OFF

              And I think white chocolate, when used in the proper proportions, can be a very nice accent to any fine dessert.

              1. re: Jason Perlow


                Harlem. Beirut. I wonder what the correlation is?

                As an aside, I kinda dig white chocolate (I know, I know. Not chocolate).

                1. re: David Link

                  I must confess that I had white chocalate cheesecake once and it was absolutely divine. It was very moussey, not at all like New York cheesecake (this was in San Diego) and it was served with a blackberry sauce and I finished the entire thing probably wiping the plate with my fingertips (it was in a restaurant so I couldn't use my tongue). This is coming from a dark chocolate fan who never eats hershey and doesn't even particularly like milk chocalate and I grew up on Junior's cheesecake before it went downhill. So there.